Despite 50 years of tradition the Academic Choir Maribor (Akademski pevski zbor Maribor) is a choir of young people – students of different Faculties of the University of Maribor from Slovenia. Music connects them into a constant cycle of topmost artistic creation, but choral singing also weaves strong bonds of friendship, cultivates love for music and encourages spending quality time with friends. This year they consist of 50 singers lead for the 2nd season by the artistic director Tadeja Vulc, who graduated at the Music Academy in Ljubljana and is also a well-known and prize-winning composer.

Apart from being successful at home, they are also a high-ranking achiever on many international competitions and festivals. In the past decade they attended prestigious competitions in Poznan (Poland), Bologna (Italy), Jersey (England), Cantonigros (Spain), Sopot (Poland), Bratislava (Slovakia), Venice (Italy), Limburg (Germany), Spittal an der Drau (Austria), Antalya (Turkey) and have always brought home memorable achievements. Last year they also proved that Slovene singing culture is on an enviable level and brought pleasing results from a competition in Cantonigros (Spain), where they competed for the second time, in the category of mixed choirs and won the 2nd place, in the category of female choirs, where they won 5th place and in the category of folk song, where they won 5th place.
In 2008 they cooperated with the Slovenian National Theatre Maribor in the opera Cavaleria Rusticana and in 2013 with Verdi’s Requiem. They also participate in the biannual “Naša Pesem” competition (Slovenia) and in 2014 they won the golden plaque, absolute 2nd place and a special prize for the best performance of the contemporary song as well as a special prize for the promising debutante conductress. This year’s 8th meeting of the academic choirs (APZ Maribor, APZ Tone Tomšič University of Ljubljana and University of Primorska Academic Choir) confirmed good cooperation as well as gave them the opportunity to spend quality time with the singers of the three universities.
To lift the Christmas spirit they organize Christmas concerts, each season an annual concert and other occasional projects.
They make the most of every opportunity to sing and bring the joy of music to people around them.

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